Friday, January 29, 2016

Contest Winners Announced

Scribes Valley Publishing is pleased to announce the winners of their 2015 Short Story Writing Contest. These amazing stories will appear in an upcoming anthology.

Phillip Frey  -  The Hero of Lost Causes
William D. County  -  Apprentice and Moth
Jennifer A. Powers  -  Saturday Nights in Winter
S. Baer Lederman  -  The Monster Inside Me
Dorene O’Brien  -  Interior Designs
Ronna L. Edelstein  -  Forever and Always
Catharine Leggett  -  Continuum
Joe Dornich  -  The Reluctant Son of a Fake Hero
Robin Hostetter  -  Emer Rald’s Jewel
JoAllen Bradham  -  Colorcide
Mary Smith  -  The Ashes
Tom Stock-Hendel  -  Camarillo
Mike Tuohy  -  Stamping His Get
Michelle Wotowiec  -  Waves
Jeff Sptizer  -  Survival

We would like to thank everyone who entered the contest.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015


HAPPY 2015 to you all - and apologies for the lateness of giving this greeting and of returning to this great blog site. I've realised that the older you get, the less you want to do of those 'mundane' things and the more you want to do of those things you love... HOWEVER, being older means you know more people and the more there is to cram into a day which seems half the time it was say 20 years ago... The main thing is, I wanted to give to the world a FREE book - on Kindle - I'm not sure what time there is left in this promotion but right now FLEEING SHADOWS IS FOR FREE! So, take a Medieval 'break' and have a short read which is full of excitement, drama and unpredictable twisting plots and medieval behaviour/action. Published back in 2011 on Kindle, FLEEING SHADOWS is now ranking high in the so called 'sales' - because it is currently for free. Keep on keeping on all you writers and creative people, and have a great 2015. Happy Days and blessings to you all, Carolyn Ann Aish Studio Seven.

Friday, October 2, 2015

The Common Sense Life

Scribes Valley has released THE COMMON SENSE LIFE: Tales from a Long-ago Forest by Donald R. Repsher.

Deprived of their land by the treachery of a colonial government, this is the story of Lenape Indians who clung tenaciously to their heritage and how the lessons they learned can help us now.

     The story of the Lenape points to a long, complex tradition of hospitality and assimilation in Lenape-hocking, which includes southeastern New York State, eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware.
The word Lenape means “people.” The name is symbolic of the kind of people they were, continually welcoming and assimilating newcomers and thereby creating through thousands of years the original “melting-pot” of civilization on the North American continent. A more specific name is “Delawares,” which is an English term for the river that runs through their ancient homeland, and a reminder of the place of origin for the people who are now living elsewhere.
     The Lenape were held in high regard by many other Indian nations. They were referred to as “grandfathers,” a term of respect implying not only their ancient status but their wisdom and spirituality. Referring to original documents, "The Common Sense Life" begins with Norse Sagas and Christopher Columbus and continues with highlights in the history of the people. In keeping with Lenape Tradition each chapter suggests wisdom that can be learned from their experiences and spirituality.

The Common Sense Life by Donald R. Repsher
New release by Scribes Valley Publishing

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Writing Contest - Scribes Valley Publishing

Scribes Valley Publishing is accepting submissions for their 13th annual short story writing contest. All finalists (around 10-15 stories) are published in an annual contest anthology, both print and electronic versions. Monetary prizes for top 3 finalists are based on contest participation – the more entries we receive, the bigger the prize amounts. In addition, all finalists receive a copy of the finished anthology.

Thrill us…amaze us…entertain us…TELL US A STORY!

Deadline:  November 30, 2015
Winners announced around January 15, 2016

Word limit: 5,000
Entry Fee:  $7.00 US

You can enter by snail mail or online submission.

Complete submission guidelines and rules on our website: